Felps Professional Keratin Hair & Skin Care Products USA

Varnish Bath Mask

Varnish bath mask is an effective treatment to condition dry and damaged hair.  Intense shine from scalp to ends. Protects hair color and seals the cuticle layer.


  • Bouncy hair
  • Silk hair
  • Hair protection

Hair Mask Marula Hyper-Nutrition

Innovative formula with Marula fruit oil. This product promotes antioxidant action. Suitable for dry, damaged and brittle hair. Contains vitamin C, omega 6 and 9. Provides shine, conditioning and hyper-nutrition.


  • Nutrition
  • Moisturizing
  • Shinny hair

Marsala Magic Clay Red Tonalizer

Marsala Magic Clay Red Tonalizer, high performance hair mask for all red hair tones. Protects, enhances and brightens the color.


  • Deep reparation
  • Intense shine
  • Color protection