We are a team of passionate industry professionals with in-depth knowledge and heightened skills when it comes to hair and skin care.  Our staff is continuously researching and innovating the best hair and skin care products using the highest-quality natural ingredients, such as mururu, karite butter and maidenhair that come straight from our home country of Brazil. We also work with natural ingredients from around the world like South Africa (marula), Australia (macadamia) and Morocco (argan oil).

We have created Brazilian Keratin treatments that truly promote effective, long-lasting results. These results leave hair healthy, shiny and full of bounce. You hair will never be weighed down or dull looking.

It is our mission to offer high quality-products at an attainable price. We strive to provide the best hair and skin care products on the market globally. We pride ourselves in empowering women from the inside out  and giving an extra boost of confidence one client at a time.


Our lines deepen the darkest colors and brighten the lightest blondes. Our products are smoothing, promote hair growth, and deeply nourish a variety of hair types.

Don’t waste away your salon treatments with sub-par maintenance. Felps Professional extensive everyday shampoo and conditioner line protects all professional applications.

For professionals looking for fool-proof, effective and consistent products with high-quality ingredients to satisfy any customer: Felps Professional is for you. Our keratin line and the coveted superior treatments can be customized to straighten all types of hair.

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